Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Axis Deer

Axis Deer (Cervus axis), a native of India, ranging into the islands of the Eastern Archipelago. It closely resembles the Fallow Deer (q.v.) in size and coloration, but differs widely in the form of its antlers, the brow tine being simple, and the beam straight for some distance, and forked nearly at the end. The female is lighter in colour than the male, and has no antlers. These animals are said to be very indolent; they feed only by night and sleep by day, frequenting the heavy grass jungles along the banks of rivers. Their cry is a short shrill bark on the approach of danger. They are very shy and timid, and their sense of smell is so acute that sportsmen find it very difficult to get within range. The coat of the Axis Deer affords a good example of protective coloration, for it so much resembles the effect of sunlight through foliage that it is almost impossible to detect one of these animals in the woods.