Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Augustus IIFrederick

Augustus II. (Frederick), Elector of Saxony, and King of Poland, was born in 1670, and succeeded his brother as elector in 1695. He fought on the side of the empire against the French and the Turks, and at the death of John Sobieski in 1697 forced himself into the throne of Poland. Having joined Peter the Great in his opposition to Charles XII. of Sweden, he was defeated by the latter and deposed (1704) in favour of Stanislas Leczinski. He drove out his rival, but was again compelled to resign in 1700. At the fall of Charles XII. he was finally restored, but his kingdom was utterly disorganised nor was he capable of restoring it. Of extraordinary physical strength, he was morally weak. His life was spent in licentious indulgences, and Marshal Saxe was one of his many natural sons. He died in 1733. The porcelain factory and picture gallery at Dresden owe their origin to him.