Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Augereau, Pierre Francois Charles, Duc de Castiglione and Marshal of France, was born in 1757. In 1792 he joined the Revolutionary army, and distinguished himself in the Vendee and in the Pyrenees, obtaining in 1794 command of a division. Accompanying Napoleon to Italy he displayed prodigious courage at Lodi, Castiglione, and Areola, but marred his fame by cruelty and spoliation. He executed the coup d'etat of the 18th Fructidor (1797), and received command of the army on the northern frontier, but the violence of his republicanism caused his withdrawal. He was appointed to command the army in Holland, and was made duke and marshal (1804), when he subdued the Vorarlberg. He took a leading part at Jena and Eylau; was less successful in Catalonia; commanded a reserve in the Russian campaign, and fought gallantly at Leipsic. In 1814 he was instructed to hold Lyons against the Allies, but he fell back before superior numbers, and never being cordially attached to Napoleon, went over to the Bourbons. His death occurred in 1816.