Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Attock, a town and fortress in the Panjab, British India, situated on the left bank of the Indus, near its junction with the Kabul river, and about half-way between Peshawur and Rawal-Pindi. The Indus has here a breadth of 200 yards and is navigable to the sea, 940 miles distant. It is crossed by a bridge of boats, and by the viaduct of the Northern State Railway. Attock is said to be the ancient Taxila whence Alexander passed into India, Timur and Nadir Shah following the same route. Akbar built the fortress in 1583, and it was occupied by the British in 1849. Now, however, its importance is inconsiderable, as the Khyber Pass is watched from Peshawur.