Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Atcheen, or Acheen, once a rather important kingdom occupying the north-west extremity of the island of Sumatra. The natives are physically and intellectually superior to the rest of the Sumatrans, and for many years held the Portuguese at bay, while in 1874 the Dutch endeavoured to establish a footing in the country. They are mostly Mohammedans. The chief products are spices, pepper, betel-nuts, sugar, and rice. Formerly the East India Company had a factory here. Atcheen, or Khota Raja, the capital, is at the mouth of a river between two high ranges, at the northwest point of the island, near Acheen Head. The . ground is swampy, and the houses are built on bamboo piles. The inhabitants of the country number over half a million; but the city has been nearly depopulated by war.