Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Asherah, a Hebrew word, incorrectly translated "grove" in the Authorised Version of the Bible, but simply transliterated in the Revised Version. According to Prof. W. Robertson Smith, the Asherah must have been either a living tree or a tree-like post, and in all probability either form was originally admissible. It was undoubtedly an object of worship, and the prophets classed it with other sacred symbols (Isa. xvii. 8; Mic. v. 12, 13). He rejects the notion that there was a Canaanitish goddess of this name, and holds that in early times tree-worship prevailed to such an extent in Canaan that the sacred tree, or a pole representing it, was viewed as a symbol of Deity which might fittingly stand beside the altar of any god.