Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Arras, the chief town of the department of the Pas de Calais, France, on the river Scarpe, 36 miles from Amiens. It was taken by France from Austria in 1610, and only became finally annexed in 1659. The Hotel de Ville, a handsome structure, dates from 1510. There is a cathedral, a bishop's palace, a picture-gallery, library, law-court, and other public buildings. It is the birthplace of the two Robespierres, of Damiens, and Lebon. Tapestry was once a famous local manufacture, and the name of the town attached itself to material of this kind. Dimity, lace, sugar, soap, and chinaware are now the chief products, and the corn-market is the largest in northern France. The Northern Railway of France has an important station here.