Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Aristippus, the founder of the Cyrenaic school of Greek philosophy, was born at Cyrene about 424 B.C. He came to Athens and was a disciple of Socrates, but he wrought out for himself a moral system widely different from that of his master. According to him pleasure is the supreme good and the end of all action. His doctrine has been styled Hedonism, from the Greek hedone, pleasure. Nor did he leave it a matter of doubt whether he meant bodily or intellectual enjoyment to be the source of happiness, for he betook himself to the luxurious court of Dionysius of Syracuse and practised what he preached. It is but fair to add that his opinions are a matter of tradition, for he wrote nothing, and left to his daughter, Arete, and his grandson, Aristippus the Younger, the elucidation of his principles. He is believed to have died in 356 B.C.