Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Argos, the chief town of the state that gave its name to Argolis, and to the Greeks generally, and was for many years supreme in the Peloponnesus; still exists on the river Nacho (Inachus), about five miles from Nauplia, From the earliest historical period Argos appears struggling vainly against Sparta for the headship of Greece. Prostrated by a disastrous war with its rival in 496-5 B.C.; it played no part in resisting Xerxes. In 461 it entered into an alliance with Athens, and In 416 the democracy asserted itself, and formed a league with Athens, Corinth, and Thebes against Sparta. Internal party struggles raged for some years, though after the Peace of Antalcidas Sparta exercised but little influence over the Peloponnesus. From this date the history of Argos merges into that of Argolis.