Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Apuleius, Lucius, born at Madauras in Africa in 125 A.D. or perhaps a little earlier. He studied at Athens, where he acquired a strong predilection for Platonism. Going to Rome he practised with success as an advocate. On his return to Africa he captivated and married a rich widow. This led to his being charged with sorcery, but his eloquent defence, preserved in the Apologia, secured an acquittal. His great work, the Metamorphosis, better known as the Golden Ass, contains the romance of Psyche besides other amusing stories that have been adopted by Cervantes, Le Sage, and Boccacio. Among his more serious productions are treatises on the life and doctrine of Plato, on the God of Socrates, and on the World. Though his style is inflated and full of barbarisms, he displays much versatility, humour, and intelligence.