Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Angouleme, Louis

Angouleme, Louis Antoine de Bourbon, Duc d', the eldest son of the Comte d'Artois (Charles X.), born in 1775. During the period of the emigration he married Marie Therese, daughter of Louis XVI., called by Napoleon "the only man in the family." Returning to France in 1814 he vainly opposed the movements of Napoleon on his escape from Elba, and was taken prisoner by Grouchy, but released. In 1823 he led an army into Spain for the support of Ferdinand VII., and succeeded in re-establishing the royal authority, and issued the decree of Andujar, though intrigues counteracted the full effect of his policy. After the revolution of 1830 he made over his rights to the Duc de Bordeaux, and assuming the title of Comte de Marnes, lived in retirement until 1844.