Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Angel-fish (Rhina squatina), a viviparous fish belonging to the sharks, constituting a family and ranging over tropical and temperate seas from Britain to California and Australia. It approaches the rays in form and habits; the length does not seem to exceed five feet; sandy-grey above, white beneath; head and body depressed; pectoral fins large, with the basal part prolonged forward (from the fancied resemblance of these fins to wings, the popular name is derived); immediately behind these are the broad ventral fins; two dorsal fins on the tail. It is abundant in European waters, concealing itself in sandy bottom, and preying on the flat-fish. Its flesh is sometimes used for food, but is coarse, and has an ammoniacal smell. The rough skin is used for polishing purposes, and to make a kind of shagreen.