Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Alava Don Miguel Ricaedod

Alava, Don Miguel Ricaedo d', a Spanish general and politician, born in 1771. He was first in the navy. When Joseph Bonaparte usurped the Spanish throne from Ferdinand VII. he accepted him as king, but in 1811 joined the party of independence. Ferdinand on being restored imprisoned him, but subsequently set him free and made him ambassador to the Hague. In the revolution of 1820 he was a member of the Cortes, and later on President. He negotiated with the French for the return of Ferdinand; but, when that was effected, found himself compelled to fly to England. He took up the cause of Maria Christina and in 1834 was appointed ambassador to London, being transferred to Paris next year. After the insurrection of La Granja he retired to France, and died at Bareges in 1843.