Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Alaric I

Alaric I., King of the Visigoths, born about 350 A.D. Until the death of Theodosius he served that sovereign as commander of the subjected Goths, but revolted (395) against Arcadius, invaded Greece and took several cities, including Corinth. Checked by Stilicho, he made peace and once more entered the imperial service. In 402 he broke loose again and was defeated by Stilicho at Pollentia and Verona in Italy. On the death of the Roman general Alaric renewed his invasion, and meeting with little resistance from the emperor, Honorius, marched to the gates of Rome, and was only prevented from entering the city by payment of a large ransom in 408. Honorius, who had retired to Ravenna, refused to fulfil the conditions of peace, and Alaric some months later seized Ostia, deposed Honorius, and set up Attalus in his stead. However, Honorius had to be restored, and broke faith with Alaric by inciting Sacus to attack the Goths treacherously. Thereupon Alaric took and pillaged Rome, 410, sparing the churches and public monuments, and endeavouring to moderate the fury of his followers. He next marched S. to invade Sicily, but died at Cosenza before the. end of the year. His treasures were said to have been secretly buried in a river-bed along with their master.