Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Akbar Jellaladin Mohammed

Akbar, Jellaladin Mohammed, was born in Sindh in 1542. and succeeded his father Humayun as Mogul Emperor in 1556. He found that his realms were disorganised and his authority impaired by revolts and disaffection. By conquest and by conciliatory methods he succeeded, during a long reign of nearly half a century, in consolidating the empire on a firmer basis than before. Justice, moderation, and sympathy, were the characteristics of his policy. He was a liberal patron of literature and had many Sanscrit works, and perhaps the Gospels, translated into Persian. The misconduct of his two eldest sons, who died through intemperance, and the rebellion of the third, Selim, afterwards the Emperor Jehangir, embittered Akbar's last days. He died at Agra in 1605, and was buried at Secundra.