Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Agis, the name borne by four kings of Sparta. I. reigned, according to tradition, about 1037 B.C. II. occupied the throne from 427 to 399 B.C., and was distinguished in the Peloponnesian War, defeating the Athenians at Mantinea, 414 B.C. III. succeeded (338 B.C.), and took an active part in the struggle against Alexander the Great. He was killed at Megalopolis in a battle with Antipater, 331 B.C. IV. began to reign in 244 B.C., and strove to revive the ancient institutions of Lycurgus. In this he was opposed by the wealthy classes under Leonidas, his colleague, but was supported by Lysander, Mandroclides, and Agesilaus. Leonidas was banished, and Cleombrotus put in his place; but the intrigues of Agesilaus frustrated all plans of reform. Agis now led an army to assist the AEtolians against the Achaean League, and was moderately successful. On his return, however, he found Leonidas in power, and was thrown into prison, where he was soon after strangled, with his mother and grandmother, 240 B.C.