Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Aerophor, an apparatus largely used in Germany for distributing moisture in the form of a very fine water-cloud, which may be either cold or warm.

In factories where the manufacture of textile fabrics is carried on it is essential that the air should be continually and equably moist, otherwise much damage is done by the frequent breaking of threads and similar occurrences. The aerophor obviates the necessity for the projection of steam into the rooms, or the damping of floors (often so dangerous to the health of the operatives), by the following means.

The apparatus is fixed just under the ceiling, at given points, and consists of two separate nozzles - one for propelling the air by creating an induced current, and the other for moistening it.

A jet of water under pressure is projected through a horizontal nozzle into a casing in which there is a vertical nozzle. The water is diffused into the atmosphere in the form of a very fine cloud, and the large drops are caught and retained by the aerophor. It will project only such particles of water as can be absorbed immediately, so that no damage to machinery or fabric is incurred; and the air not being overcharged, no unhealthy condition is obtained. The machine is used to a slight extent in England.