Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Advocates Facultyof

Advocates, Faculty of. The Faculty of Advocates in Edinburgh constitutes the Bar of Scotland. It consists of about 400 members, but the number of those in actual practice does not exceed 130. The profession has existed in Scotland from an early period, and in the year 1424 an Act was passed securing assistance to the poor from advocates. The advocates of Scotland date as a faculty or society from the institution of the College of Justice in the year 1532. The amount of litigation carried on in the Courts has greatly diminished during the present century, in consequence chiefly of improvements which have been made in the Sheriff's Courts. The Bar in Scotland is, however, still regarded as the chief introduction to public and official life in Scotland. It is recruited from all ranks of society. An advocate is entitled to plead in all the Scottish Courts - also before the House of Lords. There are two necessary examinations to be passed before admission - one in general knowledge; the other in law. The first is dispensed with for Masters of Arts of a British university, or where applicant has a foreign university degree. Fees on admission, about £330. The Dean of Faculty is elected from this body, and he has precedence over all the other law officers.