Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Adriatic Sea

Adriatic Sea (Mare Adriaticum) derives its name from Adria and divides Italy, on the W., from Trieste, Croatia, Dalmatia, and from Albania on the E., having an extreme length of 450 miles and a mean breadth of 90 miles. Its depth varies from 12 to 22 fathoms; the tides are slightly more marked than in the Mediterranean; the water, too, is more salt. Its chief ports are Venice, Trieste, Ancona, and Brindisi, the latter having sprung up into great importance lately as the place of embarkation for India. The Italian shore is low and marshy, but the opposite coast presents generally a steep rocky front, broken by many safe creeks and inlets. The gales from S.E. and N.E. render navigation rather dangerous.