Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Adrianople (Turk. Edeeneh), a city in Roumelia, on the banks of the Tundja, 137 miles W.N.W. of Constantinople. Formerly known as Uskadama, it was improved and adorned by the Emperor Hadrian, who gave it his name. The Turks took it in 1360, and it was the seat of their empire in Europe till the capture of Constantinople, 1453. The ruins of the sultan's palace (Eski-Serai), the bazaar of Ali Pacha, and the mosque of Selim II. attest its former grandeur. A great deal of trade is done in raw silk, Turkey red, cotton, attar of roses, and wine, which is produced abundantly in the district. It was taken by the Russians in 1829, and again in 1878.