Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Administration, the ordering and disposition of the affairs, financial and otherwise, of a kingdom, a company, a private individual, a bankrupt, etc. It has also a special signification in regard to deceased persons and their estates. In the year 1857 the Court of Probate was constituted, and the granting of probates and administrations is vested in this branch of the Supreme Court. The grant is usually made to one or more of the deceased's relatives. who are termed the administrator or administrators. The husband has an absolute right to administer to his wife's estate, and the wife is usually preferred in the case of her husband's. Where there is no husband or widow the next of kin, according to relationship, may administer, and the court, if a fit case be shown, has power to appoint as administrator a creditor or person entirely without interest in the estate.

In politics Administration is specially applied to the Ministry (q.v.) or the executive government.