Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Acrolein, or Acrylic Aldehyde, a characteristic product of the destructive distillation of fats, being produced by the decomposition of Glycerin. It is usually prepared by heating pure Glycerin in a retort with Phosphoric Acid or Acid Potassium Sulphate, and condensing the product in a receiver surrounded by a freezing mixture. Acrolein thus obtained is a volatile, limpid, and very refractive liquid, fairly soluble in water; much more readily soluble in ether - Its vapour is excessively irritating to the nose and eyes, and it is very difficult to keep for any length of time even in closed vessels, as it changes spontaneously into an insoluble substance, called Disacryl, which is probably a polymeride. By exposure to air or by treatment with silver solution it is oxidised to Acrylic Acid .