Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Acne, a form of skin disease, the result of inflammation in and around the sebaceous or fat-secreting glands. Reddish. pimples of the size of a pin's head or somewhat larger present themselves, usually on the face and on the back between the shoulder blades, never on the palms or soles. The disease particularly affects young adults, and causes, while it lasts, considerable disfigurement. Comedones (v. Comedo) are not uncommonly present between the acne pimples. The basis of all treatment is cleanliness. Acne rosacea is an affection quite distinct from ordinary acne, consisting in chronic congestion of the skin of the nose and adjoining parts of the face. One form of this disease, more common in men than women, is generally supposed to be produced by excessive drinking; this is, however, by no means always the case.