Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Accession, legally, a mode of acquiring property in things that have a close connection with each other; thus the owner of the cow becomes likewise the owner of the calf, and a landowner becomes proprietor of what is added to his estate by alluvion (q.v.). Accession produced by the art or industry of man is termed industrial accession, as when wine is made out of grapes. In Scotch bankrupt law, when there is a settlement by trust deed it, is accepted by each creditor by a deed of accession. In United States law accession is the right to all the production of one's own property, the right to that which is united to it, naturally or artificially by accretion. Where a chattel is sold or pledged, and such sale or pledge is accompanied by delivery and afterwards other materials are added by the labour of the vendor or pledger, these pass by accession.