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Unique Word Maker

This tool displays a list containing a single instance of every word in a document. If the word appears capitalized and lower case, the tool displays only the lower case version.

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Any characters below that you leave checked will be excluded from words. For example, if you have cat and cat] in your document and if you leave the right bracket checkmarked, you will get back only the word cat. However, if you remove the checkmark, you will get back both cat and cat].

«   angle quote, left
»   angle quote, right
*   asterisk
@   at symbol
\   backslash
^   carat
:   colon
,   comma
!   exclamation
¡   exclamation, inverted
`   grave accent
>   greater than
-   hyphen
<   less than
(   parenthesis, left
)   parenthesis, right
.   period
#   pound
¿  question mark
?  question mark, inverted
"   quote
'   quote, single
;   semicolon
/   slash
[   square bracket, left
]   square bracket, right
~   tilde
_   underscore

When you are finished, press Submit.



  • The word list created by this tool may help you create a translation dictionary for the translation tool on this site.
  • A "word," for purposes of this program, is defined as a series of alphabetic or numeric characters uninterupted by blank spaces or line endings.
  • To create a unique word list of the entire New Testament or Old Testament (or both), enter the text book by book (though you may wish to create a single file for some of the smaller books). Then take the resulting lists, combine them into a single file and run them through the system again.
  • This program does not save any information you give it. It simply processes it and prints it to your screen.

    If you have difficulties or find errors, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address below.

    Contact me at brad@sacklunch.net: Brad Haugaard