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Please see instructions regarding the original text. Please see instructions regarding dictionaries.

Indicate the location of both an original text file and a dictionary file, then press Submit.

By uploading a passage of the Bible, and a dictionary containing a) words to look for in that passage and b) words to replace the original words with, the Translation Helper will print out on a Web page the same passage that you entered, but with all the original words (or phrases) replaced with the new words or phrases.

The new words will be flagged with an asterisk (*) for easy identification.

By itself, this will not, of course, result in a clean translation, but hopefully it will prove a valuable aid in your translation efforts.

Note: Nothing you upload into this system is saved. It is just processed and displayed on the screen.

If you have difficulties or find errors, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address below.

Brad Haugaard

Contact me at brad@sacklunch.net: Brad Haugaard