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Zebra. A name sometimes given to all the striped Equidae, all of which are natives of Africa; but also, in a more restricted use, designating a single species, the "true" zebra (Equus or Asinus zebra), a native of the mountainous districts of South Africa. In the whole group the characters resemble those of the ass more than of the horse. The zebra is about twelve hands high at the shoulder. It is of a light, graceful form, with slender limbs and narrow hoofs; the head light, the ears rather long and open; the ground color white or slightly tinged with yellow; the head, neck, body, and legs striped with black - the neck and body transversely, but not regularly, the head with bands in various directions, the legs with irregular cross stripes. The "true" zebra is now nearly extinct. The other species of zebra now living are Burchell's zebra of South Africa, and Grevy's zebra inhabiting the hilly country north of the Victoria Nyanza. The latter species is more slender than the true zebra, and the black markings narrower and closer together. The habits of the zebra are similar to those of wild horses and asses.