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Wolf. The name applied to several species of carnivorous animals, belonging to the dog family. The common gray or timber wolf is about five feet in length including the tail, which is fifteen inches long, and is about twenty-six inches in height at the shoulder. The muzzle much resembles that of a sheep dog; the ears are upright and pointed, and the eyes are set obliquely. The coat is subject to variation in tint, depending much upon the country the animal inhabits. Perhaps the most usual tint is a yellowish-gray; but it is sometimes almost black. The prairie wolf or coyote is similar in form and color to the gray wolf, but is about one-third smaller. It is a cowardly animal, a killer of poultry, pigs, lambs, rabbits, and small mammals. Its home is the Rocky Mountain region from the city of Mexico to northern Canada. In Europe the wolf is found in Lapland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Hungary, some districts of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Greece. The wolf of India is considered a distinct species, and has a dingy, reddish-white fur.