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Thrush. A group of interesting perching birds of the family Turdidae, including many of our most familiar birds and sweetest songsters. In America the robin, Merula migratoria, and the bluebird, Sialia sialis, are among the earliest birds of spring, and build their nests in orchards or near the habitations of men. Of the true thrushes (genus Turdus) the veery or Wilson's thrush, the hermit thrush, and the wood thrush are famous for the sweetness and brilliancy of their songs. They are all cinnamon-brown upon the upper parts with brown spots upon the breasts or sides, and are all inhabitants of groves and woodlands. Among the thrushes of the old world are the song thrush or mavis of the Scotch, the fieldfare, the song ouzel, and many others. The name thrush is also inaccurately given to birds of other families that are fine singers.

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