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Pear. An orchard fruit grown widely throughout all temperate regions. The countries of largest production are France and the United States, where the pear ranks fourth in importance among orchard fruits. The best districts in the United States are the northeastern states from New England to the Great Lakes, and in California and parts of Washington and Oregon. Left to themselves the trees sometimes reach a height of sixty feet. The size and quality of the fruit is increased, however, by dwarfing, which is done by grafting on quince stock. The Chinese pear, of little importance,itself, has given two hybrids, the LeConte and the Kieffer, which have proved successful in the South. Pear trees thrive best on heavy clay loam, bearing in five to seven years. They are grown from the seed. An important commercial variety is called the Bartlett pear. The Seckel is a prominent eastern variety of exceptionally good quality, but of small size.