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Partridge. A well-known bird of the grouse family. The common partridge is the most plentiful of all game birds in Britain, and occurs in nearly all parts of Europe, in North Africa, and in some parts of western Asia. The wings and tail are short, the tarsi as well as the toes naked, and the tarsi not spurred. The greater part of the plumage is ash-gray finely varied with brown and black. They feed on grain and other seeds, insects and their larvae and pupae, and are chiefly found in cultivated grounds. There are also the red-legged, French, or Guernsey partridge, which belongs to a different genus and which may be found in considerable numbers in different parts of England, the Greek partridge, the African partridge, the Arabian partridge, and the Indian partridge. The name partridge is applied in the United States to several North American species of the grouse family, as to the ruffed grouse and to quails.