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Orange. The name given to certain plants of the genus Citrus. The common or sweet orange is in universal request for its fruit. It is an evergreen tree, with oblong leaves and white flowers. It is extensively cultivated in southern Europe, Asia, and, in fact, in every part of the world where the climate is suitable. In the United States it is grown extensively in Florida, Louisiana, and California. There are numerous varieties of the common orange, the most important of which are the Chinese or Mandarin orange, the navel and russet oranges, and the blood orange, which is remarkable for the color of the pulp. The Seville or bitter orange is another species, having a bitter fruit of different shape, but of not less importance than the common orange. Its flowers yield the distilled water (orange-flower water), so much used in medicine, and a volatile oil called "essence of eeroli", used in the preparation of eau de cologne. The rind is much used for making marmalade, and in the young state is one of the principal flavoring ingredients of the liqueur curacoa. Orange trees are extremely fruitful, a single tree producing as many as 20,000 oranges. The importance of these fruits is due to the free acids contained in the pulp, and the volatile oil secreted by the glands which cover the rind. The orange is specially cultivated in the Azores, Spain, Portugal, and the Mediterranean regions.