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Musk Ox. An animal intermediate between the ox and the sheep, resembling in general appearance a large goat-like sheep. Its body is covered with a coat of tufted hair, brownish in color and of great length. The hair about the neck and shoulders is so thick as to give the animal a "humped" appearance; on the rest of the body it is very long, smooth, and flowing, while interspersed among its fibers is a layer of lighter colored wool. The musk ox is active and agile, and climbs mountainous places with ease and dexterity. The horns, broad at the base and covering the forehead and crown, curve downward between the eye and the ear, and then upward and slightly backward. The ears are short, the head large and broad, the muzzle blunted. The average weight of the musk ox is from 400 to 600 pounds. The food consists of grass, lichens, etc. The musk ox inhabits the arctic regions of America north of the sixty-fourth degree of latitude. In spite of its name, both the live animal and its flesh are free from the odor or taste of musk. The beef is excellent and has been an important source of food to arctic explorers.

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