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Mahogany. This tree is a native of the West Indies and of tropical America. It is a tree of considerable magnitude, with compound leaves of several pairs of leaflets, and yellowish white flowers. Mahogany is applied to many uses. It is a fine wood, of close texture, of a reddish color shaded with brown, and is capable of taking a fine polish. It varies much in value according to the color and markings. The mahogany tree is found most commonly on the coasts of Honduras and Campeachy, and also in the islands of Cuba and Hayti. It was formerly plentiful in Jamaica. The wood obtained from Honduras and Campeachy is often termed bay wood; that from Cuba and Hayti (which is of finer quality) is known in the market as Spanish mahogany. There are one or two other varieties of mahogany, produced by trees belonging to the same natural order, and natives of the East Indies.

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