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Lark. The common name of birds comprising the family Alaudidae. The skylark, or laverock, of Europe, the most harmonious of this musical tribe, commences its song early in the spring, continues it during the whole summer, and is one of those few birds that chant while on the wing. When it first rises from the earth, its notes are feeble and interrupted; as it ascends, however, they gradually swell to their full tone, and long after it is lost to the sight it still continues to charm the ear with its melody. It mounts almost perpendicularly, but descends in an oblique direction, unless threatened with danger, when it drops like a stone. In America the lark family is represented by twelve species, of which the horned lark, or shore lark, is best known. It is a shore bird somewhat resembling the plover both in appearance and habits. The meadow lark of North America is not a true lark, but belongs to the same family as the blackbirds.