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Jaguar. A carnivorous mammal, belonging to the cat family. In size it ranks next to the tiger among the cats of like color. The body is massive, the head large and strong, the tail relatively short. The ground color is golden yellow. On the back and sides are hollow patches of black inclosing spots of the ground color. On the head, legs, and belly the spots are of solid black. This animal is one of the most formidable beasts of prey found in America, being of an extremely fierce nature. It inhabits North and South America, extending from the southern regions of the United States, through Mexico, Central America, and Brazil, as far south as Paraguay. Wooded banks of rivers are its favorite haunts, and it is said to frequent the reedy margins of lakes, seeming to have a great predilection for water. It preys chiefly upon weaker mammals, and is said to catch fish; occasionally it kills horses and cattle, and even men. The jaguar is a noisy animal, roaring much at night, especially on the approach of bad weather.