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Eagle. A genus of birds belonging to the order Raptores, and to the same family as the falcons and the hawks. They are found in all parts of the globe. The size varies according to the species, but all attain imposing dimensions. The golden eagle measures about three feet in length, and the spread of its wings is seven to eight feet, while in the imperial eagle the spread of the wings is only six feet. The eagle soars at prodigious heights, and its sense of vision is very highly developed. It builds its nests in the clefts of the most inaccessible rocks, and lays generally two or three eggs; the period of incubation is thirty days. If captured young, the eagles are susceptible of a certain amount of education; when taken old they are quite untamable. Besides the golden eagle and the imperial eagle, there are other species, such as the American eagle, white-tailed eagle, Bonelli's eagle, the tawny eagle, and the booted eagle; numerous smaller species are to be met with in tropical regions.