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Condor. A South American bird, the largest of the vulturine birds. In its essential features it resembles the common vultures. The male attains a length of forty-eight inches, with an expanse of wing eight and one-half to nine and one-half feet. The plumage is blackish with a white ruff around the neck and white bars across the wings. It is found in greatest numbers in the Andes chain, frequenting regions from 9,000 to 16,000 feet above the level of the sea where they breed, depositing their two white eggs on the bare rock. They are generally to be seen in groups of three or four, and descend to the plains only under stress of hunger, when they will successfully attack sheep, goats, deer, and bullocks. They prefer carrion, however, and, when they have opportunity, gorge themselves until they become incapable of rising from the ground, and so become a prey to the Indians.