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Cedar. A name applied to several species of coniferous trees, but particularly to the genus Cedrus. It is an evergreen, grows to a great size, and is remarkable for its durability. Of the famous cedars of Lebanon comparatively few now remain, and the tree does not grow in any other part of Palestine. The most celebrated group is situated not far from the village of Tripoli, at an elevation of about 6,000 feet above the sea. The circumference of the twelve largest trees here varies from about eighteen to forty-seven feet. Cedar timber was formerly much prized, but in modern times is not regarded as of much value, perhaps from the trees not being of sufficient age. The tree is hardy in England and in southern United States. The deodar, Cedrus deodara, of India, and the Cedrus atlantica of North Africa are by some botanists regarded as varieties of the cedars of Lehanon, and are used for similar purposes.