Biography of Albrecht Wallenstein, Graf von Waldstein


Wallenstein, Albrech. Waldstein, Graf von. Born in 1583, Duke of Friedland, Imperialist general, of noble Bohemian family. After serving against the Turks, the Venetians, and Bethlen Gabor, raised an army at his own expense in 1626 for the emperor, and defeated Mansfeld and the Danes. In 1630 he was deprived of his command by the jealousy of the League, but was soon recalled to oppose Gustavus Adolphus. The Swedish king was victorious at Breitenfeld (1631), and Wallenstein was defeated at Lutzen, where Gustavus fell. After his defeat, Wallenstein negotiated with France, was outlawed by the emperor, and assassinated at Eger, 1634.