Biography of John McAllister Schofield


Schofield, John McAllister. Lieutenant-general in United States Army. Born in Gerry, NY, 1831. Entered West Point, 1849. Graduated 1853 (LL.D., Chicago University). Served in garrison in South Carolina and Florida until 1855. Assistant professor of natural philosophy, West Point, 1855-60. Under leave of absence, professor of physics, Washington University, St. Louis, until April, 1861. In the Civil War, became brigadier-general, November 1861, and major-general, November 1862, of volunteers. Commanded a department and army in the field. Was in the Atlanta campaign, and later commanded at the Battle of Franklin, TN, for which he was made brigadier-general and brevetted major-general in regular army. After war, became division commander. Was secretary of war, 1868-69. Commanded the army of the United States, 1888-95. Was made lieutenant-general 1895. Died 1906.