Biography of Henry Morton Stanley


Stanley, Henry Morton. D.C.L., African explorer. Born in Wales in 1841. Took the name of his adopted father in place of that of Rowlands. Having served in the American Civil War, and having been a war correspondent in Turkey and Abyssinia, was, sent in 1870 to find Livingstone, whom he met at Ujiji (November 10, 1871); explored with him, and came home in 1872. In 1874 he again went to Africa, and in the course of four years, explored Victoria and Albert Nyanza, and the Congo. In 1879-84 he once more visited the latter and, in 1887, went to relieve Emin Pasha. "How I Found Livingstone," "Through the Dark Continent," and "In Darkest Africa" describe his expeditions. Stanley died in 1904.