Biography of Carl Schurz


Schurz, Carl. Publicist. born in Liblar, near Cologne, 1829. Educated at gymnasium, Cologne, University of Bonn (LL.D., Harvard and of University of Missouri; LL.D., Columbia University, 1899). Published a liberal newspaper at Bonn. Took part in revolutionary movements in 1848-49, and was compelled to leave Bonn, 1849. Joined revolutionary army, but finally had to flee to Switzerland. Newspaper correspondent, Paris, 1851. Teacher in London. Came to the United States, 1852. Settled in Watertown, WI. Was defeated as Republican candidate for lieutenant-governor of Wisconsin, 1857. Member of Republican National Convention, 1860. United States minister to Spain, 1861; resigned to enter army. Appointed brigadier-general, April, 1862. Major-general, March 14, 1863. Commanded division at Second Bull Run and at Chancellorsville, and a corps at Gettysburg. Washington correspondent to "New York Tribune," 1865-66. Founded "Detroit Post," 1866; editor of "St. Louis Westliche Post" 1867. Temporary chairman of Republican National Convention, Chicago, 1868. United States senator from Missouri, 1869-75; one of the organizers of Liberal Party, 1872. Presided over convention at Cincinnati, which nominated Greeley for president. Supported Hayes, 1876. Secretary of the interior, 1877-81. Editor "New York Evening Post," 1881-84. One of leaders of Independent movement, 1884. Supported Cleveland for president. Contributor to "Harper's Weekly," 1892-98. Author: "Speeches," "Life of Henry Clay," "Abraham Lincoln, an Essay." Died 1906.