Biography of Augustus Saint Gaudens


Saint Gaudens, Augustus. Sculptor. Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1848. Came to United States in infancy. Learned trade of cameo cutter. Studied drawing at Cooper Institute, 1861. Student at National Academy of Design, 1865-66 (hon. LL.D., Harvard; L.H.D., Princeton); at Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1867-70. In Rome, 1870-72, producing there in 1871 his first figure, "Hiawatha." Settled in New York, 1872. Among his works are "Adoration of the Cross" (in St. Thomas' Church, New York), "The Puritan," "Diana" (on tower of Madison Square Garden, New York). Statues of Abraham Lincoln and John A. Logan, Chicago; Admiral Farragut, New York; Peter Cooper, New York; Colonel R. G. Shaw, Boston; monument to General Sherman, New York; and numerous other statues and busts. Died 1907.