Biography of Thomas Estrada Palma


Palma, Thomas Estrada. Cuban patriot. Born in Bayamo, Cuba. Studied law at University of Seville, but never practiced. Took part in the Cuban revolution of 1868-78, in the early part of which his mother had been captured and starved to death by the Spaniards. Her death made him heir to a vast estate, which the Spaniards confiscated. He became president of the Cuban Republic, but was capture in 1877, and imprisoned until hostilities ceased in 1878; then went to Honduras. Became teacher and later postmaster-general. Married a daughter of President Guardiola. Came to the U.S.; settled in Central Valley, NY. During last revolution delegate-at-large and minister plenipotentiary for Cuban Republic, president of Cuba, 1902-06. Died 1908.