Biography of Joseph Pulitzer


Pulitzer, Joseph. Proprietor of "New York World" newspaper, 1883-1911. Born in Budapest, Hungary, 1847. Educated by private tutor. Came to the United States in 1864. Served until end of Civil War in cavalry regiment. Pulitzer went to St. Louis; became reporter on "Westliche Post," 1868; later its managing editor and part proprietor. In 1878 he bought the "St. Louis Dispatch" and united it with "The Evening Post" as the "Post-Dispatch." Member of Missouri Legislature, 1869; Missouri State Constitutional Convention, 1874. Was elected to Congress in New York for term, 1885-87, but resigned after a few months' service. Delegate to Cincinnati Liberal Republican Convention, which nominated Horace Greeley for president; after that, a Democrat. Advocated the "National" (gold standard) Democratic ticket, 1896. in 1903, endowed with $1,000,000 Columbia College School of Journalism. Died 1911.