Biography of Charles Henry Parkhurst


Parkhurst, Charles Henry. Presbyterian clergyman. Born in Framingham, MA, April 17, 1842. graduated from Amherst, 1866 (D.D., LL.D.); studied theology at Halle, 18690-70; Leipzig, 1872-73; taught in Williston Seminary, Easthampton, MA, 1870-71; pastor Congregational Church, Lenox, MA, 1874-80. Since 1880, pastor Madison Square Presbyterian Church, NY. Became president, 1891, Society for Prevention of Crime, and his assertion of partnership of police with criminals led to an investigation of the New York police by the New York Legislature. Author: "Forms of the Latin Verb Illustrated by the Sanskrit," "The Blind Man's Creed," "The Pattern on the Mount," "Three Gates on a Side," "What Would the World Be Without Religion?" "The Swiss Guide," "Our Fight with Tammany," "The Sunny Side of Christianity."