Biography of Nelson Appleton Miles


Miles, Nelson Appleton. An American military officer. Born in Westminter, MA, August 8, 1839. At the breaking out of the Civil War, he was engaged in mercantile pursuits in Boston, MA. Entered the service as first lieutenant, 1861, and distinguished himself at the battles of Fair Oaks and Malvern Hill. In 1862 he was made colonel and was severely wounded at Chancellorsville. He commanded a brigade in the Richmond campaign, and was promoted brigadier-general, 1864. At the close of the war, he was commissioned colonel of infantry in the regular army. He was made brigadier-general (1880), major-general (1890), and commander of the army (1895). In the Indian wars of 1874 and thereafter, he took a prominent part. On July 13, 1898, he assumed personal command of the army around Santiago, Cuba. In 1901 he was promoted lieutenant-general. Upon reaching the age limit, he retired from active service in 1903.