Biography of Michaelangelo


Michaelangelo de Buonarotti, a distinguished painter, sculptor, architect, and poet of Italy. He was born in 1475 in the territory of Arezzo, in Tuscany. At an early age he became the pupil of Domenico Ghirlandajo, a celebrated artist of his day. He soon displayed such uncommon merit that Lorenzode' Medici took him into his service. His mastery over the grand and terrible as never been equaled, and his correct design and knowledge of anatomy has not been attained by other artists. Several editions of his poetry have been published. Michaelangelo discontinued painting in his 75th year, and terminated his brilliant career at Rome at the advanced age of 89, in 1564. He was splendidly interred in that city by Cosmo, Duke of Tuscany, but his remains were subsequently, by command of that prince, removed to Florence, and deposited beneath a magnificent monument embellished with three statues representing painting, sculpture, and architecture.