Biography of Mayo Brothers


Mayo, William James and Charles Horace. Distinguished American surgeons. The Mayo brothers, whose achievements rank high in modern medicine, were natives of Minnesota, the sons of a pioneer physician. William, the older, was born at Lesueur in 1861, and was educated in medicine at the University of Michigan. Charles, the younger, was born at Rochester, 1865, and was educated at Northwestern University and at Chicago Medical College. Both settled in practice at Rochester, achieving notable success in operation for gall stones, cancer, and goiter. In connection with their surgical work at St Mary's hospital, they developed a clinical and nursing staff of specialists of continent-wide reputation. In 1917, the brothers Mayo turned over to the University of Minnesota securities amounting to $1,650,000, representing the bulk of their personal fortunes, for the establishment and maintenance of the Mayo Foundation at Rochester, to be used perpetually for higher medical education and research.